We Help With Short Sales

We specialize in helping sellers that…


  • Are considering doing a short sale
  • Owe more on their property than it’s current value
  • Need to sell but have high loan balance

Things to know about a short sale:

You’ll need to complete a “Short Sale” with your lender.


  • It’s a complicated process
  • It requires a lot of paperwork
  • Forgetting paperwork and missing steps can cost you Time and Money

Owing more than what your property is worth is commonly referred to as being “Underwater” on your home. If you want or need to sell and you’re underwater on your house, you’ll need to complete a “Short Sale” with your lender.

Short Sale

​Don’t wait! Getting the process started now will benefit you by

— Keeping your balance owed as low as possible —
— Increasing the likelihood of negotiating a favorable outcome with your lender —


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